“Omi garri”


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I can’t believe I’m gonna write this, should I say it’s so unlike me? It’s not just a post I would have found my self writing. ………………….. Cassava flakes, Garrium sulphate, call it whatever garri is the main naija fast food, not the over spiced jollof rice and fried rice we so much adore from the eateries. Garri, best cereal ever liveth…lol. I thought of a good title for the post…..cassava flakes water?..naa (oyinbo sef hard) and the best I could  come up with is omi garri.  I’m still waiting for the english scholars to tell me the best english that suits it.

I’m very thirsty, urghhhh! What a scorching sun….. please put half a handful of garri in “an imprisoned water” (omi to ti sewon)…..don’t mind me , thats “very chilled water”. Its not like I want to take garri, I just want “the water”, and you could just see the satisfaction when they are through gulping the omi garri. As a child, I kept wondering what was in omi garri that could quench their thirst that an ordinary chilled water couldn’t whenever an uncle or an elderly person asks for omi garri (no sugar, milk, peanut).

After a  long saturday morning loaded with chores, I settled for a sumptuous meal of beans and garri, ijebu garri precisely (it was afternoon already), after gulping the omi garri left in the cup out of thirst, it felt like taking water after wandering aimlessly in the sahara desert for 40years. And then it came back to me, that is what your dad or uncle feels after taking it that makes them crave it after a sunny day.

Having omi garri bottled up as a sugar free drink won’t be an absurd idea so that it can replace chilled soft drinks after a long walk on a sunny day loking for a job, going for registrations, or long tiring day of lectures……make fanta and coke sef fit rest. It will make sense sha. Please if you are seriously considering this my brilliant idea, the omi garri should be strictly gotten from ijebu garri, yellow garri or any other non- ijebu garri will be bad market o. I’m still waiting for your english translation of omi garri anywaiz.







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Life is a mystery – unfold it, Life is a puzzle – solve it

—-Bill Newman

The puzzle called LIFE should have been made simpler than what it is….*whew*? There are just some things about life you can’t unfold. You seem to understand some things about it and seem to enjoy the flow and along the line it seems like you’re lost, you’ve lost your connection with it……I don’t mean quietus, of course you are still breathing, walking and even still carrying out your daily routine, it has only just gotten uninteresting again and the inquisitive mind of humans can’t help but want to find out what went wrong. Sometimes you find your answers and sometimes you’re left with no choice than to leave it to its designer (God), it’s not like you were ignorant of that knowledge but sometimes you really can’t tame the human mind from wandering.

 Bill Newman is right about “be thoughtful of others’ opinions. There are three sides to every controversy – yours, the other’s and the right one”. HUMANS, the most complex creature of God.  Everything is perceived differently when two humans are involved, even identical twins. At times there is an agreement cause both choose the ‘right side of controversy’ and at other times it’s a “let the issue be” cause we are both clinching on to our different opinions, which is always existent  in any form of relationship.

When it comes to understanding the inscrutable score of each individual, only one being is sure of doing an indefectible work and it’s no other than God, not even you can fully grasp your makeup. What becomes of the forecast of a friend then? The process of understanding has mutilated a lot of friendships. Friends…… the closest of a family member we might have, especially when you have the right one. There are the “few great” ones you’re comfortable and feel safe with and just again “understanding” suffice as a dilemma. you become helpless when your not wanting to be a wimp is seen as not caring and again caring so much is seen as being a fuss……*sighs heavily* “na wa”  ,could that be as a result of being too careful and independent?.. sometimes things you say or do is termed ‘sarcasm’, you make a comment and it is interpreted as passing a judgment……*sighing heavily*…when do you actually get it right then? After some rumination, I came to the conclusion that it could be as a result of a wrong timing, being insensitive to the other’s mood. Complaining when you should be appreciating…bad, nagging when you should be comforting…worse, not being there when you are most needed……worst. The class of ‘independent and careful’ to which I belong should learn to move a step further from building our world around us to building it around people (careful tho’, only friends that won’t make it wrack up).

Communication, another durable pillar that sustains friendship. I personally believe it precedes understanding and improves it as well. This is one area I have repudiated in the past, I’m recuperating though………which makes me advocate that I ain’t perfect after all, we all are not. That I’ve made a mistake doesn’t make me a mistake. My inadequate communication skills and sometimes not taking time to understand especially my obscure friends, made me lose few of them. Sometimes you don’t appreciate what they stand for until you’ve lost them or almost losing them (trust me, this happens with very few friends, it’s not an experience you have with “all”) the vacuum their absence creates divulges what they actually stood for. You don’t want to appreciate them when they are gone, so appreciate your friends and hold on to them  unflinchingly while they are still around especially the great ones.

When I ignorantly prevent the divine teacher from teaching me, experience is the other teacher I’m left to be tutored by………..The reality in the journey of life is that you’ll meet few remarkable people and more of the ‘run of the mill’ and  the unavoidable truth that we are all different, the basis of our uniqueness. Enough of letting go of the awesome friends in my life.

A toast to great friendship in a life full of unsolved puzzles.

A splendid birthday to “a rambling and overly verbose observer”, one unwonted and cryptic friend I’ve got. This post is dedicated to you, happy birthday dear. *Hug*







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Before you say to yourself that what does she mean by that, take a fresh breath of air and before you’re done, I would have started explaining myself…… I ain’t talking about the physical maturity that has to do with puberty; a male kid that grows into an adolescent with a baritone voice and hairs all over the body who then metamorphoses into a tall, dark, handsome man and luckily blessed with ladies’ most craved quality “six packs”, or the graduation of a female child into the “menstrual cycle class” and then to one that wears make up and fits her shapy body into well- trimmed skirt/trousers suits with a matching pair of stilettos and designer bag set to go somewhere; work maybe…… or the maturity that has to do with some numbers being increased yearly, AGE they call it.

Maturity really has got to do with a lot more than that, it’s about self- actualization or discovery which definitely should include your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, interests, beliefs and emotions which will  definitely cause a change in your dreams and priorities as a toddler or that naïve teenager.

Once upon a time as a toddler if you asked me what I wanted to become as it was commonly asked, without thinking twice I would enthusiastically tell you I would love to become a medical doctor simply because you could save lives and the respect that comes with the profession. The loads of respect that was accorded my uncle then (not that it has stopped though) was a glaring example and a strong motivation, and I would give anything to become one which actually fueled the energy I put into my academics in the primary and secondary school not until I got to the “JAMB junction”. I got admitted into one of the best tertiary institutions in the country not as a medical student, but at a point in my academic journey I had the opportunity to make a transition to the school of medicine but instead, I opted for the “almighty and the much dreaded pharmacy school”. Amidst the storms of the pharmacy school, today I’m a pharmacist with a certificate that qualifies me to be called a doctor in my field “Pharm . D”…you would say I didn’t lose the doctor thing after all, but my studying pharmacy dint have to do with that title, it was just a plus at the end of it all, thanks to the curriculum that is being reviewed. What happened to my dreams as a toddler? I discovered who I am, my interests, strengths and weaknesses and the unavoidable fact that saving lives and respect did not start with being a medical doctor and will definitely not end with it.

As a teenager, I had always fantasized about hooking up with a “TDH” as it has been famously named by the female gender and I had an additional quality I could give “not anything” for o ….lol, and that’s definitely a ‘pointed nose’, and of course has gat a lot of cheddars. As a focused and purpose-driven young woman that I’ve grown into, I can tell you that there’s more to becoming a successful woman and having a happy marriage than getting married to my naive wishes of a TDHR man (wondering what that R is? Rich, that is what it is), and don’t expect me to tell you the qualities that I now look out for in a man as that’s between my maker, me and the ‘him’… *winks with a wide grin *.

Personally I’ll say there’s nothing wrong with having dreams as a toddler or as a teenager (you’ve got to start from somewhere), but sticking to those dreams even when the person you are is changing, your environment is changing, opportunities around you are changing and you’ve grown to discover your abilities, the real YOU  which most times are way different from your childish, naïve wishes, then that is what I call living an empty grown up and it just shows how much of that toddler you still are. This explains why a lot of people struggle at what they do, they struggle to be other people cause they are trying to live their dreams of who those people are which they’ve loved and have always wanted as toddlers.

Maturity can as well be measured with the priorities you’ve got lined up, I can bet if you put up some grown ups’ priority list side by side with some toddlers ‘priority list, you’d hardly see a difference. It really will not be a bad idea if we take out time to check if our wishes and what we are striving to be at the moment is line with who we really are and have been made to be. That’s for me, you might have a contrary opinion or not see it the way I do……….

My apologies for staying away for a while, pressing issues but nothing brings me more joy than satisfying the readers of this blog site and its followers, so I’m back *winks*.




Help!!! I Can’t Stand My Mum.


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Raised eyebrow? confused face? Well, this is L-I-F-E and we’ve all got that one thing we’re trying to make right. I got this e-mail from a lady and she wants to share it

“Dear readers, I really don’t know what the problem is, I can’t tolerate my mum for 24 hours. I mean I just always nag at her and can’t take from her what I take from other people’s mum or even relations, and she feels I treat her like a plague. I tend to respect my aunties and my friend’s mothers publicly than I do respect her, but I know I love her than I really can express here which I know you all doubt. I’m getting married in few months time and it gives me a lot of concern as I don’t want my husband to treat my mum the way I do cause I love her, and I’ve tried to hide this attitude from him whenever we are together with my mum.

I don’t know if there’s anyone reading this that has been where I am sometimes ago,what could the problem be? Please what do I do?

A Toast To 2013! Get your glass.


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newyear 2013

The journey of 2013 has begun, what is it gonna be for you? what’s your destination this year? Remember, whatever your goal is this year, you’ve got a time frame and just in case you’ve forgotten, its 365 days of which 2 days have been evicted. Influence positively this year, put a smile on other people’s face this year, be successful in your business and career, make your relationship (marriage, courtship, friendship) work, strive to achieve your goals, take “positive” risks, live your dreams, love God more …..ooh! one more thing, be happy and let go of the mistakes of 2012, but learn from them. And with the help of the good Lord you will get it right this year.

Get your glass and let’s raise a toast to 2013 cause it’s going to be your best year so far.

I  wish you a fulfilled and glamorous 2013.

xoxo                                  Swaymz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



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Wasted Days

Wasted Days (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Yeah, it does matter a great deal….


TIME!!! A four-lettered word, freely given and just so everywhere whether you want it or not, but oh how it determines everything, what a man will be……simply how you spend your time, what you put it into and what you don’t put it into.


Oh just maybe cause we don’t pay for it and it just comes uninvited or because it’s like some kind of space you find yourself occupying, a lot of people don’t take it serious, they don’t know how much of a life determiner it is except those that have gotten a revelation of what time really is to man. The outcome of your life is proportional to what you’ve expended your time on.  “ let every second you spend count” seems so impossible and looks like what we can’t control…..but u really can, I’ll come   to that.


let every second, minute, hour ,day ,week , month and year count, even if you’re gonna have fun, let that fun count and not be a time wasted in your life……..let that fun add value. You wanna take a nap, let it count and don’t just laze around……if it’s gonna make you wake up better and more productive, that’s not a time wasted, if you’re gonna rest and and it helps you meditate or think, or help you plan things well, that’s not a time wasted. You wanna see a movie? oh please don’t let some very boring people tell you it’s a waste of time, just be sure of what you wanna get from it that will add value to you, and make you a better person. Let me just say I watched Grey’s Anatomy from season 1 to 8, you may want to say “oh what a time lavished away, hold that thought for a second cause you should know my medical knowledge got better with that movie, just to mention a few.


Every second wasted leads to wasted minutes, every minute wasted is hours wasted, every hour wasted is days wasted, days wasted is weeks wasted, weeks wasted is months wasted, months wasted is years wasted and years wasted can end up being a LIFETIME WASTED. So you might wanna start saving every second now.  Eph 5: 17, AND YES IT TAKES THE HELP OF GOD.


I made my birthright known to everyone


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Finally, my first post after so much time, underground work and so much learning, but hey I’m here now,so let’s talk about this blog.

A colleague once asked me what I think about life as an individual…wait a second,wondering if i went dumb on the question? of course not. Come to think of it, is it just so easy to wrap up “LIFE” in a sentence? but here it is, for me every individual’s life is involved in the process of “INFLUENCE”, it is either you’re influencing an individual,a formation of people or things or the fact that you are being influenced. Hey, don’t get me wrong, you can be an influencer and still be influenced.j Just incase you’re still doubting, look around you, your family, your family, your office, your nation, what is the common thing?. The question is which of the ships are you steering, “the influencer” or “the influenced”, “the leader” or “the led”?.  One thing is certain that God gave the earth to man to rule and dominate;for those who know their birthrights though during creation, not to even mention after Christ’s death and resurrection. So influence in what ever field you’ve chosen; business, fashion, technology, personal, health, exert your birthright and do not sell it out for meager and temporary benefits like Esau. And yes you’re welcome to influence on swaymz.wordpress.com, the globe is waiting to learn from your ideas, skills, experience and news. WELCOME TO THIS GREAT WORDPRESS SITE.

What’s your own idea about life?

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