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Finally, my first post after so much time, underground work and so much learning, but hey I’m here now,so let’s talk about this blog.

A colleague once asked me what I think about life as an individual…wait a second,wondering if i went dumb on the question? of course not. Come to think of it, is it just so easy to wrap up “LIFE” in a sentence? but here it is, for me every individual’s life is involved in the process of “INFLUENCE”, it is either you’re influencing an individual,a formation of people or things or the fact that you are being influenced. Hey, don’t get me wrong, you can be an influencer and still be influenced.j Just incase you’re still doubting, look around you, your family, your family, your office, your nation, what is the common thing?. The question is which of the ships are you steering, “the influencer” or “the influenced”, “the leader” or “the led”?.  One thing is certain that God gave the earth to man to rule and dominate;for those who know their birthrights though during creation, not to even mention after Christ’s death and resurrection. So influence in what ever field you’ve chosen; business, fashion, technology, personal, health, exert your birthright and do not sell it out for meager and temporary benefits like Esau. And yes you’re welcome to influence on swaymz.wordpress.com, the globe is waiting to learn from your ideas, skills, experience and news. WELCOME TO THIS GREAT WORDPRESS SITE.

What’s your own idea about life?