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Wasted Days

Wasted Days (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Yeah, it does matter a great deal….


TIME!!! A four-lettered word, freely given and just so everywhere whether you want it or not, but oh how it determines everything, what a man will be……simply how you spend your time, what you put it into and what you don’t put it into.


Oh just maybe cause we don’t pay for it and it just comes uninvited or because it’s like some kind of space you find yourself occupying, a lot of people don’t take it serious, they don’t know how much of a life determiner it is except those that have gotten a revelation of what time really is to man. The outcome of your life is proportional to what you’ve expended your time on.  “ let every second you spend count” seems so impossible and looks like what we can’t control…..but u really can, I’ll come   to that.


let every second, minute, hour ,day ,week , month and year count, even if you’re gonna have fun, let that fun count and not be a time wasted in your life……..let that fun add value. You wanna take a nap, let it count and don’t just laze around……if it’s gonna make you wake up better and more productive, that’s not a time wasted, if you’re gonna rest and and it helps you meditate or think, or help you plan things well, that’s not a time wasted. You wanna see a movie? oh please don’t let some very boring people tell you it’s a waste of time, just be sure of what you wanna get from it that will add value to you, and make you a better person. Let me just say I watched Grey’s Anatomy from season 1 to 8, you may want to say “oh what a time lavished away, hold that thought for a second cause you should know my medical knowledge got better with that movie, just to mention a few.


Every second wasted leads to wasted minutes, every minute wasted is hours wasted, every hour wasted is days wasted, days wasted is weeks wasted, weeks wasted is months wasted, months wasted is years wasted and years wasted can end up being a LIFETIME WASTED. So you might wanna start saving every second now.  Eph 5: 17, AND YES IT TAKES THE HELP OF GOD.