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Before you say to yourself that what does she mean by that, take a fresh breath of air and before you’re done, I would have started explaining myself…… I ain’t talking about the physical maturity that has to do with puberty; a male kid that grows into an adolescent with a baritone voice and hairs all over the body who then metamorphoses into a tall, dark, handsome man and luckily blessed with ladies’ most craved quality “six packs”, or the graduation of a female child into the “menstrual cycle class” and then to one that wears make up and fits her shapy body into well- trimmed skirt/trousers suits with a matching pair of stilettos and designer bag set to go somewhere; work maybe…… or the maturity that has to do with some numbers being increased yearly, AGE they call it.

Maturity really has got to do with a lot more than that, it’s about self- actualization or discovery which definitely should include your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, interests, beliefs and emotions which will  definitely cause a change in your dreams and priorities as a toddler or that naïve teenager.

Once upon a time as a toddler if you asked me what I wanted to become as it was commonly asked, without thinking twice I would enthusiastically tell you I would love to become a medical doctor simply because you could save lives and the respect that comes with the profession. The loads of respect that was accorded my uncle then (not that it has stopped though) was a glaring example and a strong motivation, and I would give anything to become one which actually fueled the energy I put into my academics in the primary and secondary school not until I got to the “JAMB junction”. I got admitted into one of the best tertiary institutions in the country not as a medical student, but at a point in my academic journey I had the opportunity to make a transition to the school of medicine but instead, I opted for the “almighty and the much dreaded pharmacy school”. Amidst the storms of the pharmacy school, today I’m a pharmacist with a certificate that qualifies me to be called a doctor in my field “Pharm . D”…you would say I didn’t lose the doctor thing after all, but my studying pharmacy dint have to do with that title, it was just a plus at the end of it all, thanks to the curriculum that is being reviewed. What happened to my dreams as a toddler? I discovered who I am, my interests, strengths and weaknesses and the unavoidable fact that saving lives and respect did not start with being a medical doctor and will definitely not end with it.

As a teenager, I had always fantasized about hooking up with a “TDH” as it has been famously named by the female gender and I had an additional quality I could give “not anything” for o ….lol, and that’s definitely a ‘pointed nose’, and of course has gat a lot of cheddars. As a focused and purpose-driven young woman that I’ve grown into, I can tell you that there’s more to becoming a successful woman and having a happy marriage than getting married to my naive wishes of a TDHR man (wondering what that R is? Rich, that is what it is), and don’t expect me to tell you the qualities that I now look out for in a man as that’s between my maker, me and the ‘him’… *winks with a wide grin *.

Personally I’ll say there’s nothing wrong with having dreams as a toddler or as a teenager (you’ve got to start from somewhere), but sticking to those dreams even when the person you are is changing, your environment is changing, opportunities around you are changing and you’ve grown to discover your abilities, the real YOU  which most times are way different from your childish, naïve wishes, then that is what I call living an empty grown up and it just shows how much of that toddler you still are. This explains why a lot of people struggle at what they do, they struggle to be other people cause they are trying to live their dreams of who those people are which they’ve loved and have always wanted as toddlers.

Maturity can as well be measured with the priorities you’ve got lined up, I can bet if you put up some grown ups’ priority list side by side with some toddlers ‘priority list, you’d hardly see a difference. It really will not be a bad idea if we take out time to check if our wishes and what we are striving to be at the moment is line with who we really are and have been made to be. That’s for me, you might have a contrary opinion or not see it the way I do……….

My apologies for staying away for a while, pressing issues but nothing brings me more joy than satisfying the readers of this blog site and its followers, so I’m back *winks*.