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Life is a mystery – unfold it, Life is a puzzle – solve it

—-Bill Newman

The puzzle called LIFE should have been made simpler than what it is….*whew*? There are just some things about life you can’t unfold. You seem to understand some things about it and seem to enjoy the flow and along the line it seems like you’re lost, you’ve lost your connection with it……I don’t mean quietus, of course you are still breathing, walking and even still carrying out your daily routine, it has only just gotten uninteresting again and the inquisitive mind of humans can’t help but want to find out what went wrong. Sometimes you find your answers and sometimes you’re left with no choice than to leave it to its designer (God), it’s not like you were ignorant of that knowledge but sometimes you really can’t tame the human mind from wandering.

 Bill Newman is right about “be thoughtful of others’ opinions. There are three sides to every controversy – yours, the other’s and the right one”. HUMANS, the most complex creature of God.  Everything is perceived differently when two humans are involved, even identical twins. At times there is an agreement cause both choose the ‘right side of controversy’ and at other times it’s a “let the issue be” cause we are both clinching on to our different opinions, which is always existent  in any form of relationship.

When it comes to understanding the inscrutable score of each individual, only one being is sure of doing an indefectible work and it’s no other than God, not even you can fully grasp your makeup. What becomes of the forecast of a friend then? The process of understanding has mutilated a lot of friendships. Friends…… the closest of a family member we might have, especially when you have the right one. There are the “few great” ones you’re comfortable and feel safe with and just again “understanding” suffice as a dilemma. you become helpless when your not wanting to be a wimp is seen as not caring and again caring so much is seen as being a fuss……*sighs heavily* “na wa”  ,could that be as a result of being too careful and independent?.. sometimes things you say or do is termed ‘sarcasm’, you make a comment and it is interpreted as passing a judgment……*sighing heavily*…when do you actually get it right then? After some rumination, I came to the conclusion that it could be as a result of a wrong timing, being insensitive to the other’s mood. Complaining when you should be appreciating…bad, nagging when you should be comforting…worse, not being there when you are most needed……worst. The class of ‘independent and careful’ to which I belong should learn to move a step further from building our world around us to building it around people (careful tho’, only friends that won’t make it wrack up).

Communication, another durable pillar that sustains friendship. I personally believe it precedes understanding and improves it as well. This is one area I have repudiated in the past, I’m recuperating though………which makes me advocate that I ain’t perfect after all, we all are not. That I’ve made a mistake doesn’t make me a mistake. My inadequate communication skills and sometimes not taking time to understand especially my obscure friends, made me lose few of them. Sometimes you don’t appreciate what they stand for until you’ve lost them or almost losing them (trust me, this happens with very few friends, it’s not an experience you have with “all”) the vacuum their absence creates divulges what they actually stood for. You don’t want to appreciate them when they are gone, so appreciate your friends and hold on to them  unflinchingly while they are still around especially the great ones.

When I ignorantly prevent the divine teacher from teaching me, experience is the other teacher I’m left to be tutored by………..The reality in the journey of life is that you’ll meet few remarkable people and more of the ‘run of the mill’ and  the unavoidable truth that we are all different, the basis of our uniqueness. Enough of letting go of the awesome friends in my life.

A toast to great friendship in a life full of unsolved puzzles.

A splendid birthday to “a rambling and overly verbose observer”, one unwonted and cryptic friend I’ve got. This post is dedicated to you, happy birthday dear. *Hug*