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I can’t believe I’m gonna write this, should I say it’s so unlike me? It’s not just a post I would have found my self writing. ………………….. Cassava flakes, Garrium sulphate, call it whatever garri is the main naija fast food, not the over spiced jollof rice and fried rice we so much adore from the eateries. Garri, best cereal ever liveth…lol. I thought of a good title for the post…..cassava flakes water?..naa (oyinbo sef hard) and the best I could  come up with is omi garri.  I’m still waiting for the english scholars to tell me the best english that suits it.

I’m very thirsty, urghhhh! What a scorching sun….. please put half a handful of garri in “an imprisoned water” (omi to ti sewon)…..don’t mind me , thats “very chilled water”. Its not like I want to take garri, I just want “the water”, and you could just see the satisfaction when they are through gulping the omi garri. As a child, I kept wondering what was in omi garri that could quench their thirst that an ordinary chilled water couldn’t whenever an uncle or an elderly person asks for omi garri (no sugar, milk, peanut).

After a  long saturday morning loaded with chores, I settled for a sumptuous meal of beans and garri, ijebu garri precisely (it was afternoon already), after gulping the omi garri left in the cup out of thirst, it felt like taking water after wandering aimlessly in the sahara desert for 40years. And then it came back to me, that is what your dad or uncle feels after taking it that makes them crave it after a sunny day.

Having omi garri bottled up as a sugar free drink won’t be an absurd idea so that it can replace chilled soft drinks after a long walk on a sunny day loking for a job, going for registrations, or long tiring day of lectures……make fanta and coke sef fit rest. It will make sense sha. Please if you are seriously considering this my brilliant idea, the omi garri should be strictly gotten from ijebu garri, yellow garri or any other non- ijebu garri will be bad market o. I’m still waiting for your english translation of omi garri anywaiz.